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Ad Swap Walk Through

July 21st, 2010 · 9 Comments · Email Marketing

By Atheer Fendi

– What is Ad-Swaping and how to go about it?

Okey, it is about sending out an email to your list promoting someones freebie (landing page) and that someone sends out an email to their list promoting your product.
So usually everyone writes their own email ad about their product with the link to the landing page in it. Then give it to the person they want to swap with.
When both have got the email ad now it is just deciding a date and a time so send out. Best is to send out both at the same time so that you don’t get traffic that are already in your list.
Then there are tracking techniques to test the landing page, web form and all that tweaking stuff…
But start with a simple ad swap and then you start adding things to do in the swap routines.

– Does ad swap have to be niche specific, same niche area on both sides?

It is highly recommended to have both partners to be in the same niche.
Say you are in the IM niche and you find a partner in the dog training niche… maybe only a couple of your subscribers are interested in dog training, if any. And the same for your partners subscribers about Internet marketing. If doing so, you both will not gain enough subscribers.
Also when people subscribe to your list, they think you are the expert and want to learn from you. So when you start sending then information about other stuff, like dog training they will think you are just wasting their time as you are not an expert but just someone who likes to send out email… and even a spamer. That will make more people to unsubscribe.
My advice is to NEVER swap with anyone who is not in your niche.

So where do you find people to swap with?

I use almost all the time to find ad swap partners as it is an automated system where you can have a swap ready to go with only a couple of clicks on your mouse.


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