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Affiliate Marketing Revised

September 13th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Internet Marketing

Everything you think you know about building an affiliate business is wrong. Everything you’ve been taught is simply out of date. If you play by the old rules, you will lose this game.

The big lie

Unfortunately, you’ve been led to believe affiliate marketing is easy. Well, that’s true . . . to a point There’s no doubt it’s easier than starting your own business. But “easier” doesn’t mean “easy”.

The bad news…

To top it off you’ve been given false information. You’re told to pick one of more products to promote. Next to look for easy keywords to target. Then buy some keyword ads that send traffic to the product. And just enjoy the commissions. But this just won’t work!

Don’t bother with keywords

This method worked a couple years ago. But the competition has shot the price of keywords through the roof. Adapt and change…

A better way

All is not lost. Here’s how to win at this game.

  • Start using CPA marketing
  • Instead of researching keywords, research demographics
  • Do image ad marketing

Get into CPA marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s much better than promoting a product. Because you don’t have to get people to spend money. You get paid when they take an “action”. Like completing a survey. And it’s much easier to get them to do that.

Do demographics research

You’re not even going to use keywords (explained below.) So spend your time doing demographics research. First you select your CPA offer. Next, you go to And find your target demographic.

Use image ads

So you know what your promoting and you know who will be interested. You can advertise directly to them on display networks. Using image ads. And there was no keyword research required. The biggest advantage is price. Image ad clicks are much cheaper.

Summing it up

This is truly a quick cash concept. Because it’s free to get started in CPA. Image ads are cheap. Display networks let you do demographics targeting. And you get paid for having them take a simple action.

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