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Affiliate Marketing Revised

August 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Internet Marketing

OK, forget everything you know about affiliate marketing. The tactics of the past few years just don’t work anymore. If you play by the old rules, you will lose this game.

The promise

You’ve probably heard how easy it is to start an affiliate business. This is partially true. It’s far easier that developing, selling and supporting your own product. But starting your own business is really hard, so it’s all relative.

The cold hard truth

To top it off you’ve been given false information. You’ve been told to find quality products. Next to pick your keywords carefully. Then to use these keywords to buy ads promoting the product. And finally get a fat check for all the sales. But, it’s all wrong.

Forget keywords

Keyword advertising used to work. But keywords are too expensive now. Adapt and change…

The NEW game

There’s still hope. Here’s how to win at this game.

  • Start using CPA marketing
  • Instead of researching keywords, research demographics
  • Do image ad marketing

Get into CPA marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s far superior to product promotion. Because your visitor doesn’t have to buy anything. You get paid when they take an “action”. Like completing a survey. Which is much easier than getting them to buy something.

Utilize demographics data

Don’t waste time researching keywords (see below). So spend your time doing demographics research. First, select the CPA offer you want to promote. Next, you go to And research what kinds of people will be interested.

Do image ad marketing

Now you have your offer and your demographics. You can target these exact demographics on display networks. And let images do the work. And there was no keyword research required. The biggest advantage is price. Image ad clicks are much cheaper.


This is a great way to make money fast. Because you can start CPA marketing for free. You can buy image ad clicks for a fraction of keyword ad clicks. You can use demographics to target your ideal prospect. And you get paid for having them take a simple action.

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