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Auto Blog Samurai – what is it? Scam or not?

September 25th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Internet Marketing

Hello Atheer Fendi here.
And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Auto Blog Samurai. Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official ABS website, then click here: Auto Blog Samurai
Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of buying Auto Blog Samurai, there wasn’t many real reviews around. So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

I will be honest with you, I am after all a member of Paul Ponna’s Auto Blog Samurai. ABS is basically a software that is designed for people who want to make money from niche blogging. The product itself promises to create unique content for you that you can then post on your Word Press and/or Blogger sites in specific niches of your choice.

But first, Who is Paul Ponna?

Paul Ponna is a top marketer and also a software developer that has several huge products to his name. Auto Blog Samurai is the latest software that he launched. Other products he has developed are for example Miracle Traffic bot and Magic List Bot and other Copy-Paste Systems where You’ll be able to set profitable campaigns fast. This new launch is set to be of the highest standard that Paul has released. Lets move on and find out exactly what you get with Auto Blog Samurai.

So what you will get when purchasing the ABS?

You will be getting the software is self plus video tutorials (about 10 minutes each, about 3 hours total) that are straight forward with zero empty content.
It is important the you watch the videos to understand the software which is obvious. These video tutorials are made
by Paul himself which I find really good because he is also an Internet marketing expert so he will be explaining why
the software works like it does. To get you the best results in IM of course and so that you would know why you are doing what you when working with the software.

After watching the video tutorials that cover allthe areas about the software you are then ready to create your new

Here is a list that I personally follow when I create a new blog with the ABS:

  1. Find the right keyword – market research, there is a video tutorial for that.
  2. Create the blog. Blogger or Word Press – name the blog. Video for that too.
  3. Ad the ads. Adsense, Amazon ads, Click bank ads, eBay(or any ads of your choice). There is a video tutorial for each one.
  4. Ad the content. Other blog feeds, article directories, Amazon, Click bank, your own articles and of course there video that show you how to find the content and how to make it unique.
  5. Ad a web form. This is great if you are building a list. Put a web form on each new blog to get new subscribers from free traffic that the auto blogs will generate.
  6. This one of the best features you can find. called Cash links. What this feature does is with a couple of mouse clicks you can ad one way back links to your websites of even affiliate products with targeted keywords within the content to go out with every new post that has that keyword of phrase you chose on auto pilot.

And now my new blog is ready, it’s just to push post and then go do what ever I want or start with a new blog.

Each blog takes me about 15-20 minutes. I know they said you can create new blog in just 11 minutes. But I personally don’t care about that, I prefer working at my own pace. What difference does it make if it takes 11 or 20 minutes if the blog will then be making me at least $1 dollar per day. Even if it toke 30 minutes I would still be doing it.

Any way, you will also be getting a “premium” membership with no cost the first month when purchasine the Auto Blog Samurai system. What this does is you will have access to a software that makes that keyword research easier and faster plus access to video tutorials on setting up eBay affiliate ads on your blogs to increase your income from the auto blogs. The premium members area will be access able after 24-48 hours from signing up, just so that you would have had enough time to watch the videos and create a new blog or two so that you don’t get overwhelmed, which I find really thought full.

Who can use this software?

I would say everyone. If you are a newbie and never made money online then this is perfect for you. With no PDFs to read and waste time on and no weird Internet marketing terms, there is no confusions and you will have your first REAL money making website online in the less than an hour.

If you are experienced then this is wonderful for you too. Because you could easily earn more than the guaranteed $1 per day by customizing the blogs even more with other content or affiliate network links that you have been working with.

This works for list builders as well. The traffic will be targeted since it is from the search engines so just ad a web form on the top of the new created blogs and I bet there will be opt-ins.

Negative about Auto Blog Samurai.

The only thing I find negative about the ABS is that the unique content is robotic generated which sometimes are grammatically wrong makes it harder for the reader to understand. But the Search Engines wont care.. 😉 And you can definitely edit the new content.

My final words about Auto Blog Samurai.

Even if it takes about a month to start seeing the income and have a couple of weeks till that I want to thank Paul Ponna and his team for this very easy to use software and a special thanks to Paul himself for the video tutorials, enjoyed watching them and was easy to understand.

I will be creating new blogs everyday and will make sure to follow up with you guys with the results when the time comes.

I am excited for adding new income and traffic sources for my business.
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  • chuck

    The negatives are: Support is slow and often no help. I can’t get the software to post Amazon or CB products. After 4 days I was given a link to FaQs which did not even hint at my problem. Now i’m waiting on another support tkt and if I get no hewlp I will get a refund!

  • Atheer Fendi

    True, the support is actually to slow.
    OK and that is after you have gathered all content and when posting, everything gets posted but Amazon and CB posts?

  • chuck

    At first, only thing it posted was the rss feed I chose. After 5 days an Amazon post shows up, next day another. Still no sign of CB posts are Ezine Article posts. Seems erratic as hell. I’m still waiting for support again. Their first response was no help at all.

  • Atheer Fendi

    Ok I see, have you checked the schedueld posts? The ABS software randomly sceduel the articles or posts that you chose to post. Go there and see if there are posts from CB or Ezine schedueld.

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