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How to Build a Great Opt In List in 3 Steps

September 9th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Email Marketing

You have figured out you need a good opt-in list. If you’re tired to seeing other people get rich off of opt in lists, now is the time to get going on your own. Sometimes you fail to make money even after extensive research about opt in lists and strict implementation of expert advice.

Actually, you might be losing dough. Even with a big list you may not make enough profit if you have too many expenses or not enough people actually making purchases from you. In a few months, you’ll look at your sales numbers and realize this.

So what is the problem? You may ask yourself how others are succeeding where you did not. Jumping the gun and pulling the trigger is the most common mistake. You pick an area in which you believe you’d be well received and which would make money. This is just not true. People will not automatically purchase your products just because you write to everybody on your list.

With this advice, you can pump life back into your venture even if you previously failed with your opt in list. These are 3 lessons for beginners on creating a high-earning opt in list.
One.  Gain your customers trust in you and your products. You don’t automatically become credible and accomplished just because you have an opt in list. Write several articles before you begin your opt-in list. Once you have your website, write about the topic you have learned and are using. From forums, you can gather information about what your customers want and speak to their priorities.

Become members of other forums too. Give out recommendations and advice from experts. You can create your own opt in list once you establish trust with people. You can gain users from other forums too. You can invite them to your list. Friends make very good customers. Let people get to know your business by including a link to your own site.

You don’t make money unless customers have faith in you. People want a good value when they are seeking products and services. Your recommendation to buy something  may not be persuasive if you are unfamiliar to your audience.

Two:  Fill a niche with a product that people desire. By offering a service and product that you’ve mastered you can succeed no matter what your background. Figure out what you need to invest in terms of money and labor and what your customers want to receive.

You may want to sell something you find interesting, but you have to avoid things that are very unpopular or that won’t make you enough money. With the proper research, you will see the profits coming your way. Your subscribers can help spread the word if you equip them with promotional material.

Three:  Network with other opt-in list people. This is very helpful in the case of people who have experience creating viable opt in lists. You can learn so much from others who have real experience in this area. There may be a lot of articles on the internet you can use, but these can’t compete with getting a first person account from a trustworthy source.

You can learn from the experience of those who are old hands at using opt in lists. The specifics may vary from person to person, but the general idea still applies. There are numerous pitfalls; these people can make suggestions on how to avoid them.

You can’t expect your opt in list to become profitable instantly. There are many ways to get ready to devote your efforts to this. As your list gets bigger, be sure to keep it clean and in good shape. Make sure it stays well kept. Keep your subscribers happy with their purchases even if you need to hire some help.

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