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Is Stealth Profit Machines just another scam? Review

October 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Product Reviews

Hi, Atheer here with an honest review on Chris Freville’s new product, the Stealth Profit Machines software.

I bought it today as it is promising fast money.

Fist, who is Chris Freville?

Well, I don’t know. LOL πŸ˜€ All know is that he is a programmer.

What you will get when purchasing the SPM software?

You will get to a members page with a download link to the Stealth Profit Machines software. Videos showing how to download/install, and set up the software (the profit machine). Now this is an actually software that you install on your computer. There are some additional video trainings on the software, good to use to get more used to the software.
The videos are very easy to follow as well as the software itself.

There are also PDF user manuals for both Windows and MAC users.

The bonuses “Dark Side Affiliate Strategies”, “Google Vault” and “Internet Addict Cash Strategy” will also be there. And then there is more Internet/Affiliate marketing videos … and I mean lot more! πŸ˜›

What does this software do?

This software creates “profit machines” just like it is claimed to do. And they are simply money making websites, that are truly set and forget. They will be installed on your web hosting in a wordpress blog. It will create the blogs for you so no worries there. And it will install Profit Machines (a wordpress plugin) on these websites. Now it might take you a little more time to create your first Profit Machine, as you might be missing on some stuff, but I think if you have been doing anything online before then you would probably have
everything in place. Anyways if not then your second and the following Profit Machines will be created very fast, like 10-15 minutes, and most of that time it is the software its self that is working.
Just have the necessary details written on paper or a notepad so that when you create new Profit Machines you simply just:

– Fill in some blanks
– Choose the design
– Get the Software in the right place
– Get your content
– Put in your Clickbank links (you can actually use other affiliate programs as well)
– Upload your content

These steps are done with one more a couple of clicks.
Now you are done, it will work on auto pilot.

This actually reminds me of Auto Blog Samurai, but with much less details and mini steps. A lot less, and the content is better as well. I have still not figured out where that content come from, if they have it stored on their servers from some directory. The content loads VERY fast, and doesn’t look like it is from an article directory.

Who can use this software?

This software is good for newbies as it is simple to use and will get them commissions. But even better for a little bit more experienced people who are looking for some automated ways as there are unmentioned opportunities to earn
more cash or even build a mailing list with the help of this software. You simply add what you already know about IM.

Negative about this purchase:

Chris doesn’t explain much about what goes on with these “Profit Machine” or money making websites, like where the content comes from and if the traffic is only Search engine traffic or more… But I think just Search engine traffic as it isΒ  an auto blog.

Also the training videos… They are very good for newbies but also experienced marketers as they cover lots of stuff. But the negative there is if you will be watching them all, then I encourage you to make up a plan and take notes and apply before moving on to the next video/section or else you will get overwhelmed.

I did a quick watch through some of them and they seemed pretty usefull.

My Final Words:

Well I just had the time to set up my first Profit Machine, so haven’t seen any results yet, but it was pretty simple to do. And honestly looking forward to give it a chance and will see what happens.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions about this and we will work together to get the most out of this software.

To visit the Stealth Profit Machines official website, Click Here.


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