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7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

August 15th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

Think about this: What is the number one reason people get online everyday? You probably already guessed that it’s to find information. Google alone serves up 400 million searches per day! Why should you care? It means that you have a massive opportunity to give people exactly what they’re looking for – information. And if you do it right . . . to make some money along the way.

What is info marketing?

This is by far the simplest business you can start. You create a product that provides information. And people pay you for the information inside it.. Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

But how does it all work?

We’ve established that it’s a simple concept. But to make it a successful business there has to be value in the info you’re selling. So step one is to discover what kind of info people want. How can you find out what people want?

One easy way to figure it out is with a simple search. Just go to Yahoo! answers or and see what kinds of questions people are asking. You’re looking for popular questions or common themes. For things that are causing people discomfort. Then just give them the answer in your ebook.

Power tip

If you’re worried about how to write and ebook. Consider this: An ebook is just a series of articles. So instead of sitting down to write the whole thing. Just try to write one or two articles a day. And when you’ve got a few finished, refine and expand on them and put them together into an ebook.

OK, what’s so hot about digital products? Interestingly enough, we’re back to the name of this article Here are 7 reasons for you:

1. Simplicity and ease

As soon as you have the pieces in place, it’s virtually maintenance free. Custom support is all but non-existent. So it’s nearly a 100% hands-free business. You’re building a completely automated business.

You don’t have any inventory. You don’t have to ship anything. Your business is 100% digital.

2. Product combos

When you have a created a few information products. You can put together bigger more expensive information products. It’s a simple matter to merge a few ebooks into one. And you’ll be able to charge much more for this “new” product. Your customers will gladly pay more for a single bigger ebook. Versus multiple smaller ones.

3. Resellers

Since it’s your product, you can offer other people the resale rights. Recently, resell rights have become extremely popular, because most people simply don’t have the time, money and effort it takes to create their own products. And the best part is you’re selling the same product . . . but for 3 times the price for the rights!

4. Leverage

Leverage means doing something once and reaping multiple rewards. Use part of it to make an autoresponder series. And build an email list that you can sell other products to.

5. More leverage

You can also take parts of your ebook and turn it into smaller eBooks. Then use these to generate leads for the main product. They can be free or low prices. And you’re creating targeted leads for your main product all along. And if you’re really clever, you’ll let your affiliate use these reports as marketing tools. Which brings us to…

6. An army of affiliates

This is a real power strategy. If you’ve got products you own. You can get other people to promote it for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of other people doing your marketing for you? Well, you *need* your own product to get affiliates.

7. Joint Ventures

OK, this is by far the biggest reason why. The number one way to launch your success is through joint ventures. And this is probably the number one reason to create your own product. Because if you don’t have you own product, you’ve got nothing to JV.

Summing it up

If you’re not convinced to start selling information products, then you’ve probably been sleeping. You’ll be the master of your destiny. Because you’re the boss! So just get started:

  • Head over to Yahoo! answers
  • Find out what people need to know
  • Write about the answers

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. And in short time you’ll have the foundation for your own info product.

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Using Web Audio for Success

August 14th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

It’s undeniable that if you add audio to websites it will increase your results. If you’re not using audio on your sites, you’re making a mistake. It will boost your opt-in rate. And your sales.

But why?

It’s simple. Audio breaks the silence of the web. It adds a human touch to your site. And makes people feel they’re dealing with a real person. Basically, audio brings your site to life. Which fascinates greater interaction from your visitors.

The benefits of audio

There are actually two profit boosts from using audio. You will close more sales. And second you’ll save money on the sales letter. Instead of having to pay a professional to write you a great sales letter. You can just add your own audio. An authentic message from you will do more than the best ad copy.

You’ll also get better conversions on your list opt-ins. People need to be told exactly what to do. Just add a short audio message saying: Put your email and name into the form and submit. That alone can increase opt-in rates up to 310%!

Some ways to use audio

Put a welcome message that plays automatically on your site, Most people abandon a website within just a few seconds. Your welcome message could make them stay when they would normally leave.

Lead them by the had. It’s the same as when you use audio to increase your subscribers. You just explain what to do first, then next, etc. That includes filling in your order form!

Get testimonials for your services and products. A written testimonial is good. But what’s even better are audio testimonials. It’s pretty easy to fake a written testimonial. So audio adds real believability. Which boosts your sales for sure.

Here’s a bonus tip

What about creating an entire product using audio? This is by far the easiest content to produce. Plus people love audio products. Think about how popular podcast are. And once you record the audio, you can pay someone to transcribe it for you. This much easier than writing the eBook yourself!

Is adding audio hard?

It’s actually really easy. There’s software that will show you how to add audio to a website. You don’t actually have to do anything yourself. The software records the audio, creates the button code, etc. Simply copy the code and paste it in your site. There’s nothing to worry about.

In closing

Just a reminder of why you want to start using audio. Putting streaming audio on your site will boost all your results. You’ll get more sales. You’ll get more subscribers. And you can use it to create products and sales letters quickly. You’ll be one of the few you use these strategies. But audio is a really big time and money saver. Get started right now and realize instant results.

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Sneaky Affiliate Tricks

August 13th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

Yes affiliate marketing rocks, but it’s really hard to get started. And that’s because you have a lot of other affiliates to compete with. What you need to do is come up with methods no one else is using. There’s also a lot of information out there about how to do affiliate marketing, so it can be confusing. Well, here’s on simple thing you can do that will put you ahead of the game.

Affiliate videos

The power of video is undeniable. Video online is everywhere because people love it. It’s so much easier to keep people’s attention with video. So why wouldn’t you use it in your affiliate business?

Here’s how to use videos for affiliate promotions:

  • Do a testimonial video
  • Record a walk-through
  • Do an ordering video
  • Record a preview of the members area

Record your testimonial

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply turn on your recorder and talk. It does not need to be polished or pro. Just seeing another real person endorsing a product helps your viewers decide to buy. In truth, mistakes and mess-ups just make it more believable. You really can just click record and start talking. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera use one of the other methods.


This is a great way to promote something without selling it. Make this more like a tutorial helping them use the product. And seeing it being used is a great way to make people want to buy it. If the product is useful, watching the tutorial makes them want to buy it. So just make sure you’re demoing a good product.


This technique is super powerful. Record yourself placing an order. Nothing inspires your viewers to buy like watching you do it. First, it’s social proof. Once they see you doing it, they feel more secure. It also build your viewers trust. Your advice is easier to trust if they can see you’re doing what you tell them to do. And let’s not forget about good old fashioned envy. People want what they see you getting. You can add additional juice to this one with: In order to get to see the inside, you gotta buy the product.

Sneak peak

This one is perfect for building up the value of what you’re promoting. You do a tour of the members area. And show them everything they get by ordering. And it helps soften the skeptics. Once they’ve seen the back-end, they know it’s real.

Anyone can do it!

You don’t need any special training for this. There are simple software programs that make it easy to create videos. The software really does all the work So you don’t have to worry about the technical part of this at all. Remain focused on the benefits:

  • More sales You’ll earn more affiliate commissions when you add video. People like video, so start using it.
  • Less refunds You’ll lose less of the commission your earn. Now they know what they get before they purchase. So less of them will ask for refunds.
  • Outdo your competitors! This is such a simple technique. But pretty much no one does it. This puts you out in front of the rest.

So get serious about your affiliate business and add video in now. Not using video is detrimental to you business. So do it!

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Email List Building Strategies

August 12th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

You need a list. That’s a given. It’s the number one key to opening the success floodgates. Once you have a list built, you can market to it again and again. It’s a resource you can tap at any time and generate income.

How’s how to build a list:

There are 3 factors in list building you need to consider:

  • Your Opt-in Page
  • The Bribe
  • The Opt-in Success Page

Your Landing Page – Your opt-in page is the page you send visitors to to build your list. This is where they will enter their email address. This page needs to look professional. And it needs to be simple to see how to opt in. You’ve also got to make a strong “close”.

If you fail to make a strong close, you’re wasting your efforts. Your call to action tells the visitor what to do. Without this your opt-in rate will plummet. Oddly, if you don’t make it clear, people will be confused and end up doing nothing.

One way to really spice up your squeeze page is to add a video to it. You only have a few second to get your visitors attention – video helps! And you can repeat the call to action several times int he video. And after the video, you can make it just say “fill in the form now”.

Now, don’t worry if you have no idea how to make videos. It’s very easy to hire people for a couple hundred bucks to make one for you. You can also find ready-made list building tools that have everything pre-built for you.

The Incentive – Next, you’ve got to figure out what your bribe is. You have to give people a compelling reason to give your their email. Most people are very protective of their email address. So you have to give them a good reason to do it.

You have to provide value in your bribe for it to be good. It has to be something that people actually want. And can benefit from. For example:

  • A report
  • Some useful software
  • Training videos
  • An email series

You’ve got to create some great content. It’s got to be something helpful for your new subscribers. And of course it has to be free. Bottom line is it’s got to be worth more to them than their email address.

If you’re worried about creating this content, don’t be. You can just pay someone else to make it for you. Simply tell them what the topic is and they can write the content. A 5-part email series is a good freebie. You can have ghost writers create emails for under $25 an email. So, a great premium will cost you around $100 – $150.

Or again, you can find complete list building packages for sale online that include an email series. There are two important things about the email series. First, it must provide value to your subscribers. And second, it needs to make you money. Mixing some affiliate products into your email series is a great way to do this. This is such a simple solution because you don’t have to create the product. And it enables you to generate cash right away from your new list.

The Thank You Page – Finally, you need to consider your opt-in confirmation page. This is the page your subscriber sees after they opt in. It’s nice to give them some great content right away. Then they feel good about giving you their email address. It also sets the foundation for your relationship with them. It also makes them more likely to open your emails.

You can use a “done for you” email marketing system. Or you can go the DIY route. And write it all yourself. Or have someone ghost write for you.

Summing it up

It makes no difference whether you build your opt-in, bribe and thank you page. Or hire someone else to do it for you. Or if you get a ready-done package. It’s just important that you start today building your opt-in list. Once you’ve got it built. You’re free to make money at the push of a button.

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Affiliate Business Tips

August 11th, 2010 · Internet Marketing

Presell like a pro

The number one strategy to increase your affiliate sales is preselling.

First, what is preselling? Preselling is both an art and a science. And it’s function is to prepare your reader to buy something. Then when they’re ready, refer them to the product website so they can buy it. And if it’s done properly, the process is completely sub-conscious.

The gist is that you give your reader some useful information. Then send them to the sales page. In just a minute, I’ll explain exactly how to presell. But before we do, you need to know why it’s so important. Just a few of the reasons you want to presell.

  • It builds trust – Readers who trust you are more likely to click your links. Which obviously means you’ll make more sales.
  • Preselling is disarming – When you’re not hyping or pitching a product, your reader lets their guard down. This means they are more open to what you’re saying. And your intention is conveyed more easily.
  • It creates buying readiness – Now they’re open to hearing what you’re telling them. And in turn, they’re open to other messages, as well. For example, the sales message on the page you’re linking to. And being open to the information there means they are much more likely to buy.
  • You make more money – They arrive at the product website prepped to buy. Open to the sales message and feeling safe. The only possible result is more sales!
  • It increases customer satisfaction – Plus, they feel they’ve made the buying decision on their own. Versus being pitched or convinced. So they are happier with their purchase.
  • Your profits go up – Satisfied customers are less like to refund. And that translates to more commission staying in your affiliate business.

Obviously, it’s important to presell. You make more money. Your customers are happier. That’s a clear win-win.

Now, here’s how preselling works:

You’ve learned the importance of preselling. So, hopefully you’ve decided to start preselling. So, it’s time to break down how it works. As I mentioned earlier, it’s both an art and a science.

The art of preselling

First, you have to gain the trust of your reader, so they let their guard down. And the only method of doing this is to give exceptional value to your readers. Now, providing enough info to be useful, but still making them want more – that’s the art of it. The idea is that they want more and the sales page you send them to gives them more. And since they’re more open, they are more likely to make a purchase.

The science component

There are also several key elements that need to be included.

One of these key elements is the presentation of the information. You have to have your end in mind. Your end goal is to make a sale of the product you’re preselling. How can providing information accomplish this goal? The first method is to provide enough info to get them started, but not enough to finish. The second way is to provide all the information and let your reader discover how hard it is to actually implement it. In either case, the product you’re referring them to solves the problem for them.

Next, you have to use “convert linking” methods. Instead, you use a direct link to the product website. When you do this, you’re click-throughs go way up. But how are you going to get credit for the sale, if you don’t include your affiliate link? This is all part of the science of preselling. You use an image tag to cookie your reader before they leave your site.

Next, you want to make sure you’re linking on related words and phrases. People are used to clicking on hyperlinked words to get information they’re looking for. And if the words you hyperlink relate, your reader will naturally click them for more information.

Putting all of this together creates a powerful affiliate marketing formula for success.

Now for the bad news…

This process is not easy – at all! Let’s look at the skills required to pull it off: Great content. First and foremost, you have to be able to write a great article that provides valuable information. This means you have to be able to write well, and have enough knowledge to be useful. Strategic writing. First, you have to give good information. But, you also need to know how to present the information in a way that give value to the reader. While at the same time making them want more. Or make the information so overwhelming they realize they can’t do it on their own.

Choosing your products. After that you have to figure out which products you want to promote. Even if you can pull off writing and great article. Your efforts are completely wasted if you don’t pick a winning product.

Techy stuff. And finally, you need the technical know-how to embed your image tag and make sure you get credit for the sale. This is actually pretty simple – just embed a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image and set your affiliate link as the “source” of the image. (But if you do it wrong, you won’t get paid for the traffic you send.)

In closing:

Now you know what it takes to be a Presell Pro. Preselling properly will boost your affiliate profits up to 500%! So, start now and develop preselling content for all your affiliate promotions. Please don’t be lazy. Put in the effort to reap the greater rewards.

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