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SocialOomph – A Twitter Tool

October 1st, 2009 · Twitter

By Atheer Fendi

SocialOomph at is a fantastic tool to use with Twitter. It
allows you to schedule tweets for various times of the day. So how can this be of use to you?

Well you need to remember that the Twitter audience is constantly changing
and the tweetstream occurs quite fast. The more people someone follows, the
greater the number of tweets appearing and they won’t read them all, I
promise you. It just isn’t possible. By using SocialOomph, you have a much
greater chance of catching people’s attention throughout the day and in
different time zones.

Let’s say you have written a post on your blog and you want to drive some
traffic there. Rather than tweeting the link and subject once, you can do it
every hour for 24 hours if you like using SocialOomph. I’m sure you can see the
power of this in terms of driving traffic or getting noticed.

There is a free and a professional version of SocialOomph. Start out with the free
version and then if you need it, upgrade to the professional version when you
are ready.

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Twitter Backgrounds

September 21st, 2009 · Twitter

By Atheer Fendi

I wrote in earlier post about setting up your Twitter background so that it didn’t
just look like the default Twitter page. Leaving it like that shows a lack of care
on your part. You need to distinguish yourself from the crowd and that attracts
more followers, or at the very least impresses people with your professionalism.

Now if you’re a bit of a Photoshop whiz, then you can do your own
background, full of bells and whistles and load it up to your Twitter profile. But
if you’re not, or you just want to save time, then there are some sites out
there that will do them for you automagically. To find these sites, the best
thing to do is to simply Google “twitter backgrounds” and you will find quite a
few sites offering this service for free.

My personal favorite is Twitbacs at where you can
get some great backgrounds.

However, that said, if you want to do your own fiddling in Photoshop, you can
get some great layouts in PSD format from

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Grader – Get grades for your Twitter account

September 17th, 2009 · Twitter

By Atheer Fendi

Grader is on Twitter as @grader, but also online at
and is a site of some interest. As you get going on Twitter, you can get
“ranked” by Grader on a score out of 100. It is based on some secret
algorithm apparently so people can’t game the system.

Apart from that aspect of Grader, you can have a look at who the top Tweeple
are in a particular area or even by topic using the search function.

When you use the search function, it will list the Tweeple by their score in
descending order. For example, if you search for “gardening” on Grader, you
will get a list of all the top 100 people interested in gardening on Twitter. You
can see their “bio” from their Twitter account and if you click on their Grader
score, it will take you to their Twitter account from where you can follow them.
Naturally, you must already be logged in to Twitter yourself to follow anyone.

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September 6th, 2009 · Twitter

By Atheer Fendi

Twellow, at is another great way of finding people to
interact with. People here are categorized into all different areas and you can
search for those with similar interests to your own.

The main page shows you all the categories, which then have sub categories
as well. You just click on a category and the list of people in that area are
displayed.You don’t have to be registered with Twellow to be displayed, but at
the time of writing there were nearly two million people showing on the site,
so you will have plenty to choose from. By all means though, register
yourself and set up a profile so others can find you.

When you click on a category, Twellow displays a list of people in that
category and they are ordered by the number of followers they have. If you
are already logged into Twitter via the web, (not Tweetdeck), you will be able
to follow people directly from the screens where the profiles are displayed.

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Gaining Twitter Followers

August 30th, 2009 · Twitter

By Atheer Fendi

You need to first be aware that rushing out and following a heap of people
can make you look like a potential Twitter spammer. Build your following
base slowly. As time goes on, if you are chasing quantity, then you will be
able to add more at a time, but initially I would suggest you stick to 50 for a
start. The reason for this is that when you follow people, they will most likely
follow you back. Many people don’t do this automatically, although some do,
particularly in the internet marketing space. Some people will actually go and
look at your Twitter home page to decide if you are worth following or not in
their eyes. This is where your profile and the settings that you took all the
trouble to do will stand you in good stead.

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